Don't Let Water Pool on Your Property

Don't Let Water Pool on Your Property

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A steeply sloped yard can make your land hard to cross and even harder to build on. However, a flat property can result in pooling water. To get that perfect balance, turn to Spruce Creek Tree Service, LLC.

We provide professional land grading services using our heavy-duty Bobcat machine. You can depend on us to bring the appropriate attachment and grade your land to your specifications. Move dirt around to change the shape of your land or have dirt added or removed to customize your layout. We'll do the work for you so you can sit back and relax.

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How can land grading help your property?

When you're starting an extensive construction or landscaping project, you want to know you're setting yourself up for success. Consider professional land grading because it...

  • Creates a smooth, even surface that will support your structure properly
  • Reduces the risk of runoff and erosion, helping your landscaping stay in place
  • Redirects water away from your foundation to prevent long-lasting damage
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