Prepare Your Land for a New Project

Prepare Your Land for a New Project

Take advantage of professional bush hogging services

Is your land covered in thick brush and vegetation? You don't have to spend hours working away to clear your yard. Spruce Creek Tree Service, LLC provides professional bush hogging services and can clean up your land for you.

We'll use our heavy-duty Bobcat machine to cut down, chop up and haul away the thickest brush. Bush hogging doesn't tear up the ground like traditional bulldozing, either. You'll enjoy having land that's smooth and ready for a landscaping or construction project.

Set up bush hogging services by contacting us today. We'll provide you with a free estimate.

Learn more about bush hogging

Since bush hogging includes a powerful Bobcat machine, it's great for clearing out all kinds of vegetation. Our team can remove:

  • Tall, thick grass
  • Vines, weeds and brush
  • Small trees and saplings
We'll bring our machine with the appropriate attachment to your property to clear your land properly. Make an appointment by calling 386-290-7100 today.