Rely On the Professionals for Quality Results

Rely On the Professionals for Quality Results

Arrange for Bobcat land clearing services today

It's one thing to tear out overgrown grass and weeds. If your land is littered with saplings, stumps and thick brush, you need heavy-duty help. Spruce Creek Tree Service, LLC offers land clearing services using Bobcat machinery to clean up dense vegetation for you.

Our Bobcat machines are equipped with specialized attachments to help with all kinds of jobs. We'll choose the appropriate attachment to clear out your land, leaving you with a smooth surface that's ready for the next step of your project.

Contact us today to schedule land clearing services.

We'll go the extra mile for you

Don't hire an amateur who thinks land clearing is as easy as mowing your lawn. Spruce Creek Tree Service can take care of the toughest messes by:

  • Grinding and removing stumps
  • Cutting down and hauling away trees
  • Removing debris and grading the land
  • Clearing out brush, shrubs and weeds
You can rely on us for every step of the land clearing process. Find out more when you call us at 386-290-7100.